What do feminists and Robin Thicke have in common?

They both hate blurred lines.


Okay I’ve heard way too many NAFALTs lately

Feminists, if you don’t want people comparing you to radfems you gotta take steps to distance yourselves from them. Call them out on their shit. Tell them they’re bad feminists/not real feminists, not me. Otherwise, they’ll keep being the face of feminism. 



The amount of times MRAs come back at me with the “prove me wrong then” bullshit is massive.  No assholes, your ignorance and ridiculousness is apparent to those of us with critical thinking skills, I am not going to waste my time trying to educate you when you have a blog dedicated to bashing feminists and promoting MRA agenda.  I am not here to be a platform for you propaganda, I am here to point and laugh.  

well when you say “the patriarchy exists” 

and I say, I don’t think it does

and then I ask for proof

responding with “look around” isn’t exactly valid…

I keep seeing feminists (not all, mind you) ramble on about how “MRAs just bash feminists and whine about pointless bullshit!”  And I am sure there are some assholes who do that.

Every group has assholes.

But the MRA blogs I read or posts by MRAs I see are just the opposite.  They explain why they don’t believe the patriarchy exists, or not how a lot of feminists say it does, or they have different ideas on how the patriarchy exists.  They bring up legitimate issues that men face.  And these same feminists just ignore them.  It’s…tiring.


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mediumtrip asked:

You actually went to Brittany's ask on anon? Too fucking rich omfg. Keep up that not-caring attitude bro!

Um, no?  First, I have no reason to send her anon messages.  Why would I waste my time?  Second, the reason why I haven’t been posting is I have been on vacation and away from Tumblr since July 4th.

Is this why she was sending me asks saying she knows who I am?  That’s hilarious!





Opinions on police dogs?

Police volunteer for the job. They sign up knowing the risks and what could happen to them.

The dogs don’t. They don’t make the choice to put their lives on the line, they’re used as tools and pawns by police.

Short answer: NO

Long answer: FUCK NO.

They are also dogs.

Opinions on police dogs: they save lives you stupid fuckass

And I personally love that assaulting a police dog is considered a very serious crime in the eyes of the law.  (At least where I have lived.)

They are usually well treated and I love reading stories about a dog’s retirement.  A much happier ending when compared to, say, racing dogs.

Having hunted with a hunting dog, I imagine police officers view their dogs the same way I did.  A partner and not a mere tool.




I have this thing, where I psychologically torture the men with whom I share romantic ties.

It’s fun.

She doesn’t get the irony that this is exactly what domestic abusers and rapists think.

Feminists do not comprehend irony and logic

Sorry for spamming your dashes.  I had time finally to come back and open up the inbox.

I saved some of the messages to reply to later feeling that I should respond at a more…decent hour.  Ha!

abaldwin360-deactivated20130708 asked:

Hello. Motherfucker. Let's meet in person so I can make you shit your own teeth. How about that, son?

Oooo big man.

abaldwin360-deactivated20130708 asked:

Second, you disgusting fuck, I've broken free of a toxic relationship, why do you think I have custody of my sons? Your ego must be fragile as fuck if you need to go to these lengths to trash someone - are your widdle baby boy feelings hurt? Stop acting like you're trying to protect me, son. I'm a fucking adult and can handle myself and have been through more shit than you can possibly imagine. SO FUCK OFF LITTLE BOY.

If my ego was fragile I wouldn’t be able to maintain a blog where so many people threaten violence, tell me I should be raped, and other horrific things.  I can delete those things while shrugging it off because why would I let them upset me.

Congrats.  In a few years, I bet you will realize you are in another toxic relationship…unless she gets help.  Pay a therapist for her.  Then life will get even better.  Being serious here.